My Sister Set Me Up To Hide Her PREGNANCY
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 Published On Sep 29, 2019

Hi! I’m Rene. I want to share my story of how my own sister almost killed me while she was trying to hide her own secret. I guess I’d better start over and say that I was not born into an ordinary family. When my parents met each other, both of them already had children from their first marriages. My mom had my sister Rachel, and my dad had my brother Clark. He, I mean, my big brother, adored me from the very first moment I was born. But he couldn’t find common ground with Rachel. There was hardly a single day where they didn't yell at each other and fight over something. Since Clark was the oldest child, our parents thought he was supposed to be the more responsible and grown-up one. Besides, Rachel had a knack for pretending like he had hurt her. She could literally burst into tears like a true Hollywood actress. So, as usual, Carl would get grounded for any of their fights. But I knew good and well that Rachel was the troublemaker. Honestly, now I think that she just needed to be abusive to assert herself or maybe she just naturally had a nasty temper. But back then I was too small to come to any conclusions, so, I just felt sorry for my beloved brother and tried to support him whenever he got punished. When, for example, he was sent to his room without dessert, I would manage to sneak something delicious out of the fridge so that my mom wouldn’t notice me and quietly bring it to him. When the time came for Clark to go to college, he promised to keep in touch with me and he actually did. From time to time he would send me numerous photos of his life there, and as soon as he found a job and began earning some money, I started receiving sweet little gifts from him. Apparently, this made Rachel so jealous, ‘cause she got nothing from Clark, and she started being really mean to me. Well, it’s not that we were ever friendly before this – we were not even close, but since then she was harassing the heck out of me. There were even a few times when she tried to frame me in front of our parents. I'll give you a vivid example. Once, Rachel was grounded for having failed her math test. I had started dating a guy back then and we were supposed to go to our first school dance. But because she was mean and envious, she got mad at me and threw a pack of cigarettes in my purse. And when Steve, the guy I was dating, came to pick me up, and our parents gathered at the front door to take a photo of us (you know, the kid's first dance thing), and Rachel rushed to me saying that she urgently needed my perfume, which she knew was in my purse. And yep, she did this on purpose, to make me reveal that pack of cigarettes to everybody. Of course, it fell out and nobody believed that it wasn’t mine. Anyway, I was not only grounded and had to stay at home for the whole week, but Steve said he didn’t want to date a smoker, duh! So he never showed up again. There was another case, which perfectly showed that my sister was not only mean, but also revengeful. We were helping our mom with housework, as we usually did, and as a matter of fact, we were arguing with each other while polishing silverware and cleaning the porcelain from the cabinet. She wanted to borrow my blouse but I wouldn't let her, ‘cause she was a little bit bigger than me, so to speak, and I didn’t want her to stretch it out. Oh, I wish I had just given this blouse to her… at some point I got so annoyed with Rachel that when I decided to put another cup away that I had finished polishing, it slipped out of my hand and got broken. I know, you’re probably going to say it’s not a big deal, but I didn’t want to make my mom upset since that cup came from a set that was given to our parents on their wedding day. I begged Rachel to not say anything about what happened because I knew I could find the same cup somewhere at a flea market or on the internet. And I could just replace it as soon as I found it so that nobody noticed anything. But because of the fact that I told her that she was too fat to wear my clothes, she decided to, sort of, get back at me and she immediately told my mom what I’d done to that cup. Except she said that I did it on purpose, you know, that I just threw it on the floor because I got really annoyed with all the cleaning stuff. Well, as I said, she had always had a talent that made our mom believe her and not me. Later that day I was supposed to meet my friends at the cinema, and of course, after Rachel tattled on me, I was grounded, and couldn’t go anywhere. I guess now you see that Rachel was not that into being close with me. But recently the worst thing she could’ve done to me happened. New 2019 animated stories that actually happened! ★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO [email protected] IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED Music by Epidemic Sound: #actuallyhappened
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